Avoid Hair Loss

Avoid Hair Loss

Avoid Hair Loss

Hair is one of the important things for a woman and even for a man. The not only woman, for men hair, is like their crown. There are some boys that are feeling ashamed if they do not have hair or bald. Most of the woman also mostly loves to have long hair than a short hair. A woman without hair is like the bird without their wings. But because of the busy daily activities, most of those people are losing their hair because of stress from their work or life. Those people whose had more stress will lose more hair, that is why nowadays many hair salon and beauty salons that offering people the treatment for your hair loss.

Keep Your Health Good

So that after the treatment it will deduct your hair loss. But did you know that avoid hair loss could be done not only in the salon but you can treat your hair in your own house with the natural ingredients? The natural ingredients that god for your hair is garlic. Garlic is good for your hair; all you need is just to blend the garlic like you are making a juice from garlic after that you should spread the juice of garlic into your hair from head to the end of your hair. The other ingredients are ginger that good for your hair.

Blend your ginger together with the garlic and you could spread into your hair, the other is green tea. You should wet the green tea first and do it into your hair.

The most popular ingredients are the aloe vera. Aloe vera is known as the best medicine for your hair loss. Aloe vera good for making your hair look thick and growth your hair more and more after using aloe vera routinely. Aloe vera also good for your head skin. Orange lime also good for your hair, you can chop the orange lime into some pieces and rub those pieces into your head skin. That treatment will help you to grow more your hair.

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