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Beginner’s Tips To Play Pokemon Go

tutuapp pokemon go

Remember how booming Pokemon Go Tutuapp is this year? Well, with so many news and things around this game, there is no doubt that everyone has a concern for the game. As a result, you may like to try playing the game and win the game in your own way. As the name suggests, this game is an adaptation of the popular animation Pokemon which shows us a Pokemon trainer’s life. Here, you will act as the trainer that search for Pokemon and train it to a real battle. Then, what should we know further?

Pokemon Go Tutuapp Tips For Beginner

If you are a beginner for the game, you must know that you need to sign up for the game for the first time you open the game. You are able to set your own avatar and so on to personalize your account. After that, you can go right away to the maps to gain your very first Pokemon. When you make use of Pokemon Go Tutuapp, there is a possibility that you do not need to move from your seat to search for new Pokemon. As we know, this game makes us moving to our surroundings to catch Pokemon. However, it is possible to not doing so when we use the app.

To catch your very first Pokemon is actually easy because you will get the options right after you finish personalizing your avatar. There will be some options to choose that appears in front of you. The choice is different from one Gen to other Gen so it will depend on the game version you download. Then, to get the other Pokemon, you can simply hunt them by walking around. However, as we said before, it is not impossible to not go around but you can get Pokemon. Here, you need to download Pokemon GO Tutuapp first.

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