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Best Container Restaurant In America

Container Cafe

Everyone always looks forward to good dining experience all the time. Thus, if you can combine good food and great ambiance, that will make a perfect combination. Shipping container restaurant uses the same concept. Old or new shipping containers are being a part of daily lives of American, especially through their street foods. American is full of creative and innovative people. They see something potential in the container. The concept of restaurant or café in the container is new, fresh, and something to look forward to. If you happen to visit the United States, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in containers which have been making the news.

Popular Container Restaurant In America

The first container restaurant is located in Times Square, New York. Snack Box is probably one of the most popular of shipping containers which designed with creativity so the box can change into a beautiful restaurant. The black stripped containers attract people’s attention in the hustle-bustle of Times Square. Many New Yorkers come to this place that serves everything from a snack to big sandwich to hot coffee. Snack Box has enough room to spare all the kitchen equipment and room for the staff. This container is self-sufficient since it uses the hybrid energy. The staff can provide good food in such a creative way.

Still in New York, the next is Subway. This place is the common choice for many people who want to have lunch. The purpose of this place is so heart touching. The owner wants to provide easy access to food for workers who work on the Freedom Tower in New York. Who knows that this place become one of the best restaurants to visit while you’re in New York? The owner reused 9 containers and converted them into the eatery. If you’re interested to invest your money in container restaurant, you need to create the concept first. Ask the professional to create the concept of your own restaurant.

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