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mabelandzora.comWell, this might be your lucky day and of course, this could be something that could make you rich faster than the speed of light. But, of course, before you can get what you looking for, you need to know what is going on here right now. Well, if you are live on US (United States) you might be really familiar with the name of Regal Entertainment and this is the event from the Regal Entertainment, and of course, they are offering you with the big prize in this event and this event kind of easy to do though. So, if you are looking for the big prize but with a very easy way, this event could be the one that you need to join.

Steps To Get The $1.000 Prize

In this event, you only need to participate in the survey and after you complete the survey you will open the bigger chance to win the $1.000 prize. What kind of survey is this? Well, this is the satisfaction survey and you can finish the survey less than 10 minutes which is cool and you will not spend lots of times with it. But, there are steps that you need to learn before you can do this stuff.

  1. Turn your Smartphone and open the browser.
  2. Input the address and after you, in the site, you just need to follow the instruction on there.
  3. You need to input the data about the entry code.
  4. Make sure if you be honest in answering the question.
  5. After you done that, you can continue with choosing the items that you ordered on the Regal.
  6. After that, you will go to the part of the Regal Survey you need to give some ratings.
  7. After you done with that you can start to give some feedback.
  8. The last question that you need to answer is the movie title that you watched and the reason why you watched the movie.

Those are 8 steps that can guide you to glory and of course if you still curious about that, you can try to visit the for further information about this event.

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