what causes earthquakes

What Causes An Earthquake Around World?

what causes earthquakesIn order to know more about earthquakes, you have to know what causes an earthquake. Mostly, dangerous earthquakes are caused by tectonic events such as the shifting tectonic plates and the movement of tectonic mantles. Each minute, earthquakes are happening around the world. Some are small and some can be very destructive. If a large earthquake happens below the sea, it can cause a deadly tsunami. Thus, people on the beach must be evacuated after an earthquake attacks. In addition, earthquakes can also cause other dangerous disasters such as huge landslide and volcanic eruptions. Some earthquakes can be caused by volcanic eruptions. However, tectonic earthquakes can also lead to volcanic eruptions. Therefore, people cannot be too careful about earthquakes.

What Causes An Earthquake And Tsunami?

Many people are still unaware about what causes an earthquake and tsunami. Another disastrous phenomenon which must be expected after an earthquake is a tsunami. Tsunami commonly happens if the center of earthquakes is below the sea. Many countries tried to reduce the damage caused by tsunami by reinforcing the beach with concrete. However, there is a natural way to reduce the damage caused by the tsunami. It is a better idea to plan mangrove trees to prevent abrasion and lessen the damage.

You have to be careful because an earthquake can also cause landslides and sinkholes. Therefore, many countries have to educate their people about these dangerous natural disasters. Modern countries such as Japan and the United States of America are actively educating their people about dangerous disasters. That way, the people are prepared to face against the destructive phenomenon. A scientist can predict some dangerous disasters such as a tsunami. However, sometimes the prediction is inaccurate. Therefore, the residents cannot be too careful about earthquakes and tsunami. Hopefully, your questions about what causes an earthquake are answered.

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