Clean Garbage Disposal with Strong Smell

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garbage disposalGarbage disposal actually should work properly by removing trash within. However, it is quite problematic sometimes considering it can be damaged over time. Proper maintenance is really necessary for any garbage disposal, but it is something that people may not be aware of. There are some problems that should be noticed when dealing with clean garbage disposal. One of them is when it starts to smell bad. There are some cases why it happens. One of them is because the garbage sticks to the plumbing walls. Such this is unreachable by the garbage disposal, and that is why it starts to stinks.

Clean Garbage Disposal with Smell

When your garbage disposal starts to smell bad, it is time to clean it up. You can do that by using some ingredients that you can get in the kitchen or refrigerator right now. The first ingredient is the lemon. Lemon is really great for reducing the bad smell. It is even better since the bad smell can be altered with something more refreshing and fragrant. You definitely cannot get wrong with the lemon. However, you should consider the alternative if you do not have lemon lying around. You can clean garbage disposal smells with an ice cube.

Ice cube is actually great as the first aid when the smells start to be unbearable. However, it is usually only a temporary solution. When the ice melts, the smell may appear again. However, it is worth noting that it also works as sharpening stone. That is to say, it also helps to maintain the garbage disposal better. Another way to clean garbage disposal that you have is using bleach. Bleach works not only for clothing but also for garbage disposal. It works both ways as a cleaner and also fragrance. That means, it can eliminate the smell well which helps you to clean the garbage disposal.

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