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Is Coffee Good for Your Health?

Health lifeCoffee is a brewed drink made of roasted and ground coffee beans, which are the seeds of either Coffea arabica or Coffea canephora. It has become one of the most popular beverages and flavors in the world. Many people love coffee. It is known for its acidity, bitterness, and full-bodied characteristics. Besides, it has some benefits for health although some other people may still think that coffee is not good for health.  There are some recent researches proving that coffee is beneficial for health, either physically or psychologically.

Live Longer with Coffee

The first one explained here is that coffee can deal with someone’s depression and make them more cheerful. It is based on a research conducted by Harvard University which was published in 2011, reporting that women who consume at least 4 cups of coffee a day have a lower risk of suffering depression as low as 20 percent than the other women who don’t. Depression itself is such a mental disorder in which a person is very unhappy, anxious, worried and nervous for long periods, and they cannot have a normal life during these periods. Another research, collecting data from 208,424 participants, showed that coffee consumers who consume 4 cups or more coffee per day have about 53 percent lower chance of suicide.

Another fact that has been found is that coffee is a big source of antioxidant.  Even more, a research has found that some people get more antioxidants from coffee rather than from vegetables and fruits. Well, it can be said that coffee is one of the healthiest drink on earth after water. For some people, coffee can be a part of daily consumption which is beneficial for health. No matter what coffee they consume every day. Either Arabica or Robusta, both of them have the same benefits for health.

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