Cyclobenzaprine Dosage Overdose And Side Effects

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cyclobenzaprine dosageDo you know what is Cyclobenzaprine? Well, for people who work in pharmacy and medical world, maybe you are already familiar with this medicine. For people who don’t know about this medicine, this is antidepressant medicine. Cyclobenzaprine dosage can be used to cure muscle spasm, relieve muscle tension and help reduce fatigue and depression. This Cyclobenzaprine in pharmacy is labeled as a Flexrill brand, a drug that used to effectively relieve pain in muscle spasm. This drug is mostly used by the athlete or people who love to exercise. As we are doing intense exercise, our muscle will get high tension and stress. As the effects of high tension in our muscle, our muscle will occasionally break, and you will feel pain in your muscle, that is a muscle spasm. With a small dose of Cyclobenzaprine, we can relieve the pain from muscle spasm. This drug can also relieve back ache too.

If We Are An Overdose Of This Medicine, What We Will Get After Cyclobenzaprine Dosage?

Every medicine has some side effects, especially those who contains a lot of chemical matters. Flexrill or Cyclobenzaprine also had some side effects, and if we overdose this drug, it will cause some side effects. You will need to consume this drug in recommended dose if you want the best effects for this drug. Small Cyclobenzaprine dosage will induce drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. These side effects are not really dangerous for our body, and maybe you won’t mind at all. However, every medicine has side effects especially if you consume the medicine in overdose use.

The common effects of Cyclobenzaprine overdose are dependence in our body, drowsiness, and tachycardia. The dependence effects for your body will increase the more often you consume this drug. As the drowsiness, it is caused by the relaxation of muscle and fatigue relieves effects. Tachycardia is rare complications which can be deadly and will lead you to cardiac arrest, low blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and seizures. The overdose effects of Cyclobenzaprine dosage are quite rare, but it can be life threatening.

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