Diagnosis And Complications Of Infantigo Disease

Infantigo disease is one of the bacterial diseases which its existence is easy to do diagnose, which when skin experience red spots and feel very itch which then more and more will become big and water contained in the circle that exist in skin. It would be a good idea to consult a doctor immediately, where the doctor would have a further test if the symptoms had worsened and also spread to other parts of the body, repeated infectious infections and patients who had less treatment for the disease as well can lead to some compilation.

Some Complications That Can Be Caused By Infantigo

There are several possible complications that will occur if the infantigo has spread to all parts of the body and severe, including:

  1. Cellulitis

This disease is caused when the bacteria that attack the skin multiply and grow and attack the skin more deeply usually. This complication disease is more dangerous than infantigo, where it causes red-red skin, inflammation, fever, and pain that needs to be retained.

  1. Complications of scarlet fever

The disease is caused by rare bacteria that infect the skin, the symptoms are quite severe, namely the presence of red spots on the skin throughout the body, and can lead to nausea, vomiting and also a considerable pain

  1. Bacteremia

Is one of the complications caused by infection by bacteria in the blood. These complications can cause fever, have a quick and hasty breath, vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. Where this kind of infection is an infection that is already large and highly recommended to follow hospitalization.

Those are some things related to the diagnosis of infantigo and the complications that can be caused by this disease if it is already in a severe phase. To be able to find out about this type of disease more deeply than it can directly contact the website at

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