Elephant Breakfast And Bathing Tour

Loves animal, and want to interact with them while on your vacation? Well, what do you think of an elephant? The elephant is gigantic, gentle animals, and some of them have a playful and cute attitude. What do you think of tour which grants you experience for the watch and join elephant bathing? Well, this sure isn’t ordinary tour isn’t? elephant breakfast and bathing tour is a tour that offers you amazing experience to splash in the cool lake with a playful elephant that splashing you with water, as you pass through the lake. This elephant breakfast and tour is available for you in elephant park, in Taro, Ubud, Bali. Not only you will get amazing experience to bath with a cute elephant, but you will also get free full buffet breakfast, and then complete with safari tour through a mountainous area of Ubud Bali. If you want something unusual and amazing for your holiday in Bali, then this is your choice.

Enjoy Brand New Experience In Our Elephant Bathing Tour

This elephant bathing tour package is included with complete hotel accommodation, great room services, air-conditioned and first class hotel transfers, free full buffet breakfast, optional safari tour through elephant park, amazing experience to bath with an elephant, and completed with accident insurance. In our amazing tour package, you will get all of these services for the completed cost. Well, if you want to order our package online, then you can book us online via our website. Book us now, and express order for now, as our package is limited number each day, so you need to book it quickly.

Once you purchase our package, then you can enjoy our services as much as you wish. You can enjoy our elephant bath and breakfast tour as much as you wish until you and your family satisfied. Keep it in mind, that our elephant breakfast and bathing tour is for 8+, and you need to bring your own bathing suit with you. Well, if you want unusual and amazing experience with elephants, then you might like our elephant bathing and breakfast tour package.

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