Experiment With The Color Of The Wall

The world is full of colors, the flowers look beautiful because of its shape and color, a garden will look more beautiful and interesting like a paradise if the garden is planted with many flowers with different shapes and colors. The different of beautiful color from the flowers make such a beauty, if the garden is planted with flower with the same color, it might not be as beautiful as that. You definitely agree with that, do not you? Have you ever thought about trying to give a different color and give a dynamic impression on the wall of your house? Maybe you should try this decoration idea in the near future.

House Like A Flower Garden

We’ve often seen or visited the house that the interior and exterior of his house has the same color, for example, a wall in a house that is all dominant in white, it can also be the green color or a house that dominant with other colors. Most people only distinguish the colors on the doors and windows. They even make the door and window color is also the same as the color of the wall. Do not you feel bored with such decoration ideas? You must be more daring to play colors so that your home becomes more beautiful just like the flower garden.

You can use bright and striking color to be combined, but make sure you choose the right combination of colors, do not just combine blindly because the results will be ugly. Some people paint their homes with different colors in each room to get a different impression. There is also an ornament on their walls by combining several colors. By trying the decoration ideas like that you can have a beautiful interior design like a colorful flower garden so that your house becomes more beautiful.

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