Feature Of A Visual Cheat PB

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Cheat PBFor lovers of online games, having a sniper strategy that can easily break and defeat an opponent is a must. In this point blank online game that needs to be enjoyed benefit is cheat PB. This cheat will be very helpful to win the game and defeat the opponent. One reason is that in the trick there are cool features that can be utilized to win the fight. Various kinds of cheat features contained in point blank such as cheat visual, cheat ESP, Cheat AIM, cheat player, and trick weapon.

Miscellaneous Visual Cheat Features In The Cheat PB

Of the various features available in the cheat PB, one of the commonly used features is the optical cheat. A visual trick is a cheat used to create a fake in visual or visual form. This visible cheat feature is a very different variant. Among them is the show FPS. Show FPS is a cheat feature to be able to bring up the FPS used. In addition to FPS cheats, there are features show time and date, is a feature used to bring the time and date. There is also a feature of wall hack, wall hack is one of the highlights used to be able to see other players who are playing even though they play from a distance or behind the wall, this is very profitable for players, so it can be easy to win this game online.

Also, other features included in the visual cheat feature in the cheat PB is a feature champ player, this feature is a function similar to the wall hack feature, but this feature raises a bright color on the layer so that the player can be easily detected. The next feature is wireframe, a feature that can see wireframe on PB. There is also another feature crosshair, which is a feature that gives rise to the visual shooting that can be used to help target the enemy. Those are some features of the optical cheat that can be used as a strategy to paralyze the enemy.

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