Fresh Milkfish VS Frozen Milkfish

Milkfish is one of the most affordable fish. You can even find it in every type of packaging. Fresh, frozen, and even fillet milkfish are easy to find in every place. For more various packaging, you can also even check it on frozen milkfish suppliers. Although its name as frozen milkfish, you still can find fresh milkfish there. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of buying fresh or frozen milkfish.

What Is The Difference Between Fresh Milkfish And Frozen Milkfish?

Actually, fresh milkfish and frozen milkfish have no different nutrients. You can also even have bought them directly from frozen milkfish suppliers. So, what does make them different? In general, you can find them different from the way you can store it.

  • Fresh Milkfish

For buying fresh milkfish, you can choose directly in the market or suppliers. You can check the condition of the milkfish. Then, you can also choose to cook it with or without bones. However, you need more time to remove the scale and the head. Then, you may also clean the inside of milkfish. Moreover, you cannot leave the fresh milkfish for a longer time since it will get smell easily. In contrast, it must be the best one for you who like to get “fresher” food.


  • Frozen Milkfish

On the other hand, you can also buy the frozen milkfish. As mentioned before, you still get nutrient from frozen milkfish as much as from fresh milkfish. However, you need to thaw it first right before cook it. After buying it from frozen milkfish suppliers, you can directly thaw it since it will take overnight to thaw it well. On the other hand, you can choose fillet or with bone milkfish for frozen packaging. So, you do not need to clean it or cut the head or tail before cook it.

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