Funny And Helpful Bonzi Buddy

There is much software have developed now. There are many digital assistants as well such as Bonzi Buddy for your computer assistant. Well, maybe most people do not know what this software is but you can find out here. There are many functions of this software and the good news for you who love cute creatures; it has mascot a purple gorilla. Yeah, it is cute.

How This Bonzi Buddy Is Helpful And Funny

Like the name of this software; it will act like your buddy or friend however with the functions of an assistant. It is released in 1999 and created by Joe and Jay Bonzi. This software is very helpful until some people find it like a spyware that know and collect any information of the users. However, you should know the actual function of Bonzi Buddy below:

  1. Helping you to manage downloads. It is very helpful to manage all you need to download from the internet.
  2. Giving you jokes and also facts. It will be very useful since there are many facts you cannot find by yourself every time. Then, you will be amused by the jokes the Bonzi tell you.
  3. Giving you the latest news. You will always be up to date with the newest news from many places around you.
  4. Managing the internet, you usually browse. It will help you to browse and find you need from the internet.
  5. Singing a song for you. It will amuse you by singing a song while you are sad or when you need to hear the song from Bonzi.

So, that is it. There are more functions of Bonzi you may need to know but the list above are the main functions. You may click Bonzi Buddy to find out more about the functions if you want. There is much information about it if you love this Bonzi.

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