Gorilla Shelves Materials

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Gorilla ShelvesAre you looking for the shelves that can load the heavy one? If yes you are, you can consider choosing Gorilla Shelves that will help you in having the shelves with a heavy load on it without worrying that it can be broken or not. As the name of these shelves, you can get the strong materials on it that can you use for placing anything on it. Thisis perfect ideas to be a storage place for your workshops, kitchens, warehousing, shops, offices, garages, and much more.

Gorilla Shelves from Steel Materials

You can choose some materials that you can use for these shelves such as steel, MDF or wood materials. You just have to choose one of those materials. If you want to get the strongest shelves, you can take steel materials for it. If you choose these gorilla shelves with steel materials, it has more strength because this kind of steel materials is capable of capacity up to 360 kg per shelf. Hence, it will be perfect if you have problems with the shelves that can load heavy load for you. These shelves will be your perfect answer to it.

Beside it, you also will have long durability shelves because this material is strong enough to survive and it also has rust resistance that will make you can get these shelves still have better look even you already have it for a long time. As what the name is, these shelves have the height until 1830 mm with the width of 1955 mm and for the depth up to 610 mm. You can imagine how big these gorilla shelves are and also how heavy these shelves are. These shelves can reach the weight up to 68 kg. It is so heavy, is not it?

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