Green Tea for Your Kicking Fat

You know green tea is very popular recently. You can find many flavors of green tea in cakes even in some foods that are not supposed to have green tea flavor. However, you can find it unique and have different taste. Some people love green tea because of the popularity. Then, do you know green tea is very good for your body and skin?

How to Kick the Bad Fat with Green Tea

Everybody needs good body without bad fat. Fat is like the enemy of people; especially they who need the best look at their body for their activities and occupation. So, for you who want to have a good body shape with good skin; you can see the tips for using this green tea:

  1. You can use green tea as your daily drinks. You can drink it twice a day in the morning or before you sleep. However, you can just drink it once at night before sleeping. It will help you detox your body from any bad things include the bad fat.
  2. Then, you can use the leaves of green in your tea to scrub your face and body. It will cleanse your skin well from any dirt and bad pollutant.
  3. You can use the scrub for a body made of green tea leaves. There are many good products of green tea for scrub nowadays.

Green tea with warm water every night will always be a good choice for you who want to kick your fat as soon as possible. You should be routine doing that. You will see how the green tea work on your body and you will see the skin getting better too. That is the miracle of green tea since long time ago. So, green tea lovers, you should be happy about this information. Do you know how healthy and youthful the Japanese people? They love to drink green tea.

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