Healthy Living With Healthy Breakfast

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Health careDid you know that breakfast is very important for health? Breakfast in the morning was very important. Benefits ranging from giving energy before the move, preventing children from obesity risk to proven increase student academic achievement in school. According to Hardiansyah, healthy breakfast is very important, especially for children. The importance of a healthy breakfast, especially at the age of the children, will form a healthy and intelligent generation. Breakfast time is right before 9 o’clock am filled with nutritious food.

What is Healthy Breakfast?

The composition of nutrients must be balanced. Breakfast should contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals with a balanced portion as well. Coupled with the consumption of fruits and vegetables such as papaya fruit, spinach, bananas and so forth that can provide important benefits for the body that can facilitate the body’s digestive system. Unfortunately, this healthy breakfast habit has not been a major concern for parents, due to time constraints and lack of knowledge about the ideal healthy breakfast criteria.

Parents rarely pay attention to foods that must contain balanced nutrition. And that’s the most important thing. Children who rarely get used to breakfast that morning is also because they play games or watching television until late at night so their sleep patterns become bad and cause them to wake up the morning to be not on time. It, therefore, becomes an excuse that they do not have time for breakfast before leaving for school. Children are required to sleep before 9 o’clock in order not to wake up late. In order for the child to have breakfast, the parents tell their children not to have dinner over 8 p.m

Here are 6 Tips to be able to do breakfast in the morning

  1. Get used to complete the task before 8 p.m
  2. Try to get up early thirty minutes early
  3. Eliminate the habit of playing games and watching television until late at night or in the morning
  4. Prepare cereal before leaving
  5. Bring a healthy supply
  6. Allow breakfast during the trip

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