Indonesia’s Leading Company As Shrimp Suppliers

Indonesia as one of the developing countries will always bring everything that becomes its potential. One of the potentials that need to be developed in Indonesia is in the field of industry. Indonesia which is also a maritime country combines with the field of industry produces a company engaged in the fisheries and marine sector. Here does some list of companies that become shrimp suppliers Indonesia and explanation.

Some Of The Leading Shrimp Supplier Companies In Indonesia

One of the companies that act as the first shrimp suppliers Indonesia is PT central Windu Sejati. Where the PT is in director by great had damn who has had employees of approximately 30 people. PT. Central Windu suppliers on the road Bebrek industry 1 number 24 Surabaya, East Java. Phone number that can be contacted is (62-31) 8431978, category in fishery business with business status as buyer as well as seller, commodity index of this company is a product of sea product, its commodity in the form of fresh prawn of Windu with fluctuates price range where processing process by using trading and exporter.

The second company which is also one of the shrimp suppliers Indonesia is PT Logo which is directed by Saleh with personal Elizabeth as staff, this company is big enough which has the employee as much 50 people. This Logilo company addressed on the south drying streets 1 number II Surabaya, East Java. The number that can be contacted is (62-31) 5037697, with its business category in the field of fishery and its status as a seller or commonly referred to as a supplier, its commodity index in the form of processed marine fish while for its own commodity consists of shrimp, snapper, and processed anchovy, carton, a company established since 2005 has been marketing its commodities to the Jakarta area, Lampung Bandung, and surrounding areas.

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