Jakarta’s Best Catfish Supplier

Many people love the taste of the catfish, mostly because of its soft flesh. No wonder they stop by the food stall by the roads to just eat the delicious catfish menu at an affordable price. Besides, catfish also has a bunch of health benefits for your body. If you are an owner of the food stalls that provide catfish dishes in Jakarta, you might want to supply your basic ingredients from the supplier. The catfish supplier in this metropolitan city is everywhere, so it won’t be hard for you to look for the supplier.

Where To Supply Catfish In Jakarta?

Sure, you want to make sure that the catfish supplier in Jakarta which you order your needs from will provide you with the best quality products. There is a numerous supplier that grow their products in their own ponds. Yup, they do the farming and process the catfish until they are ready to deliver. You don’t have to worry about getting the low-quality products since the supplier really does take care and keep controlling the catfish. First, they put the catfish eggs in a special place to avoid from the predators. When the eggs hatch, the sac fry will come out from the inside and continue to stay in the place until they transform into tiny fingerling. Afterwards, the fingerling will be moved into a larger pond to let them grow bigger until reach five to seven inches.

However, you need to wait until at least one year and a half to harvest the catfish. The desired weight of the catfish when they ready to harvest is usually two pounds. The fish then will be clean completely from their skin, bones, gut, etc. The lean meat is the one will be packed frozen to keep the quality of it. That is the last step in the catfish supplier before they are delivered to your region.

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