List Of Games

As we know, you can find many games with many genres and you can free to play them based on the genre you like. If you like to play the GTA or Grand Theft Auto, you also should know that there are some games like Grand Theft Auto which you can play for it. You just have to know them and you can play them in your free time and see how many challenging those games for you.

Game Lists Similar To GTA

There are many lists of games like Grand Theft Auto which you can play in your free time. Do you want to know what they are?

  1. Crackdown 2. This game is an open world but it is available on the Xbox 360 only. This game allows you to decide what kind of story plays you like because you can accept or reject any objectives in any order and at any time.
  2. Infamous Series. This game is also an open world game with the action-adventure genre of it and you can play this game in PS3. There are two game series you can choose but both have the best story game which you can play.
  3. Prototype. This game is an open world game which needs you to explore the city. This game is taking the place in New York City and you just have to kill any infected life form.

Those are the exciting games you can choose based on what you like. You just have to make sure that you play one or more of them to make you can release out your thought from your routine activity. Actually, there are many more games which you can play based on what you like and you can see the list games on this and you can play them as what you like.

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