Mackerel Fish And Its Types

When you visit any mackerel or horse mackerel suppliers, you might find many fishes there. To get more knowledge about types of mackerel there that you might find, actually, you better to learn about it and know the differences between one type and another. It would be good to know about it since you will also know the different nutrition that you might have in the mackerel. Are you curious about the type of mackerel?

Types Of Mackerel Fish

  • King Mackerel

You might commonly know only one mackerel type that you find in the horse mackerel suppliers, but actually, you can find any type of king mackerel. The first thing that makes this fish different from the other types of mackerel is the size. This fish has a bigger in size and it also has more methylmercury inside it. In some areas, this mackerel can bring any toxin, so better for you to avoid this type of mackerel.

  • Atka Mackerel

This type of mackerel usually founded in US-Alaska. When you want to compare the good side of this fish with the other fish, this fish has less lever of the mercury. However, it has higher Omega-3 with fatty acids.

  • Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic mackerel has small in size, but you might find this type of mackerel as the friendliest type. The mercury content in this type of mackerel is not that high, which means that it is good to consume. It also has a high omega-3 fatty acid.

  • Spanish Mackerel

This type of Mackerel is the same with the king mackerel; it would be better to avoid this mackerel because it has a high level of mercury and some toxins that can bring the illness.

Those explanations of types of mackerel fish will help you to choose and know better about which types that you can eat with better content. Those explanations also can help you in picking any mackerel from the horse mackerel suppliers.

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