The Magical Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? In childhood, chocolate and other sweets things are the most favorite foods. Without knowing there are some benefits from taking chocolate, you will feel better after that. In fact, chocolate can boot your mood up. Moreover, for dark chocolate has a good benefit for your health. So, it is not the only kind of sweets thing but it becomes the healthy source for your body.

Good Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Your Health

Besides boosting up your mood, there are also some benefits of dark chocolate for your health. They are:

  • Dark Chocolate Improves Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Flow

In dark chocolate, there is a flavanol that can stimulate endothelium to produce NO (Nitric Oxide). This NO has a function to send any signals towards your arteries to be more relaxed. In that situation, our blood pressure will be on the lower level. Moreover, it is also good for your blood flow.

  • Dark Chocolate will Protect Your LDL and Raise HDL

By consuming dark chocolate, your LDL will be protected and your HDL will be raised. In that situation, your body has more capability to against oxidation. Then, you can prevent any possibility of heart disease.

  • Dark Chocolate Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

With high protection to LDL, dark chocolate can be a little supplement to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. In certain research found that 470 of elderly men who eat cocoa successfully reduced any risk of cardiovascular disease more than 50% in 15 years’ period. Then, another research also found that by taking more than five times of chocolate in a week, t can lower the cardiovascular risk by about 57%.

  • Dark Chocolate is Good for Skin Health

The flavonols contained in dark chocolate will help your skin get more protection from the sun. if your skin is protected well, so you will get healthier skin.

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