The Meaning Of Lord Of The Rings Wedding Band

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Lord Of The Rings Wedding BandBefore we investigate the meaning of Lord of the Rings Wedding Band, let’s talk about the meaning of the rings. If you hear that question, what comes to mind? Romantic? Gift? As a binder? Some people even imagine the story. That is the most favorite novel or movie in the world, but we will not talk about the movie or the novel. The writer just overly admired the rings that Frodo guarded and he wanted to destroy because Sauron the Dark Lord wanted the ring for a crime. The ring is greatly admired by people, not just Sauron or Sméagol. The color is very beautiful, simple but has enormous strength. The power will blind the user of the ring.

Let’s Investigate The Meaning Of Lord Of The Rings Wedding Band

Generally, lord of the rings wedding band seems like the common ring in the world, wedding ring also has a deep enough and important meaning. This ring is very important to indicate the existence of marital status and as a binder between husband and wife. The ring is a circular or round shape means that the marriage bond is owned no end. Apart from the shape, the ring also has a meaning behind the placement is on the ring finger. Why it is called ring finger because the finger is especially for the wedding ring which is our last forever. Now let’s try to grip both palms with the two of middle fingers folded inside. Then, try to separate each finger attached one by one. What happens? Whatever you try, you will never separate those ring fingers because the meaning of having the finger is for having a holly promise to our couple to live together forever.

Thus, meaning and function of The Lord of the Rings wedding band. Hope we will never be selling the pass our beloved couple because we will also refuse the promise when we propose he or her as our partner of life.

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