Powerful Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android Nougat

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Samsung Galaxy S8As you should expect at the beginning of your journey when searching for the best smartphone, you should know that Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Android nougat at default. This android version has been around for a year, and it becomes a default operating system version for newer phones. That also includes the S8. Indeed, the latest version of android has reached the Oreo. However, it is still very new android version which is really risky if used in newer smartphones for business. However, there is a clear indication that any Samsung that runs on nougat at default can get Oreo update in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Nougat

It is important to know that Samsung Galaxy S8 is a powerful phone. We have reviewed in the previous article, and definitely has a more powerful processor and memory compared to other phones. It is also packed with sophisticated features that you may be dreaming for a while. Various features are available in the Samsung S8, and you should consider that they exist because of the Nougat Android operating system. As an owner, you can make use of this operating system easily because it allows you to do various customizations without a problem. Some of the options, regardless of its hidden nature, can be accessed once you feel adventurous with this smartphone. After all, it is fairly easy to get the best operating system in the best smartphone.

Android Nougat in Galaxy S8 is definitely beneficial since you also can have access to some cool display features. One of them is editing the screen saver, lock screen, and wallpaper with different images. Additionally, you also can have more powerful features such as editing notification pop up from the least intrusive until the most intrusive especially if you want to make sure you are getting the update.  After all, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the high-class android phone which is really great for accommodating your need.

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