The Process Of Canned Sardine Supplier

Ever wondering what is the process of sardine supplier production? Is the supplier just catch the fish? Or there is something else? Canned sardine is the most common sardine product by sardine manufacturer or supplier. They ensure the consumers to get sardine fish canned in fresh condition by going through the canning process. Most of the canned sardine that we buy in a food store is packaged in the cans. There is some protection in the can to keep the product still in good condition for several months, even a year as long as we don’t open the can. Maybe you are curious how the fresh sardine from the sea change into canned sardine? Check the process below!

Detail Process Of Canned Sardine Supplier

Sardine supplier is not just caught the fish. But they also processing them into canned sardine. We hope that the detail process of canned sardine from the supplier will make you understand more about the product that you often consume. First, the supplier will catch the fish in the sea or they get them from fishermen. A good supplier will use pole and line fishing if they want to catch the fish by themselves. These two methods are considered as a safer fishing method than net fishing. So, make sure you choose the right supplier that use the safest method to catch the fish.

The fish will be stored in a refrigerator at the sea if the supplier’s location is still far away. Then, the instructors from the supplier will check the fish if they still in good condition or they are eatable. The fish will go under the machine to get rid of the head and the entrails. The next step is smoke the fish and adds some ingredient to make them more durable. The instructor will do a final check to see if canned sardine is in a sterile condition. Finale the sardine suppliers will ship the product. Find out more about canned sardine on

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