Proper Diet for People with Cancer

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Health lifeFood is an important factor for cancer patients to fight against the disease and to increase their life quality. They should eat more food than common people do, and follow the appropriate diet guide. Low sugar food is a proper diet for cancer patients, besides it contains high fat and protein as well. Cancer cells need glucose to grow up and they generate their glucose needs from their host blood and muscles. That is why the cancer patients have to reduce their sugar consumption and add more fat and protein into their diet because those two components are needed for muscle growth.

What Do They Need?

Medical research has it that the daily values the cancer patients need are 50 percent higher than the common people need. It is measured in 23/30 calorie per weight (in kilogram). The cancer patients must fulfill this amount by 40 percent of healthy fat and protein supply as much as 1.5 gram per weight (in kilogram). It should be supported by enough water, vitamin, and mineral supplies as well.

It has been mentioned that the cancer patients have more calorie needs than common people do. It is caused by the cancer cells drain their host energy that will directly affect the patients. Loss of appetite or cancer medication effect should not be the reason that the cancer patients do not get enough daily intakes they need. There are so many ways to feed the cancer patients. The most common one is oral feeding and it should meet their daily values. In case the cancer patient cannot eat or can eat only 60 percent from their daily needs, enteral feeding can be a solution. Enteral feeding is delivering a nutritionally complete feed directly into the stomach, duodenum or jejunum. The last alternative is using parenteral nutrition if the patients’ digestive system does not work.

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