Put Jewelry In A Special Storage

Just like any other things such as clothes, books, and shoes that need to be kept in a storage, your little piece of jewelry also deserve a room for them stay together. Another advantage of managing your collection is letting you easier to grab if you ever want to use them in the future. Yes, there are various design and colors of the jewelry box out there, but if you are up into making the DIY jewelry box, why not? I will elaborate the ideas below. Keep reading this article!

Let’s Take Some Time To Make A DIY Jewelry Box!

Necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings are the tiny yet valuable stuff, that’s why putting them on top of the desk is just not right. They require a special room. A jewelry box is the problem solver. Let’s get inspired to make a DIY jewelry box with the ideas below:

  • Romantic ring box

This one can be the alternative if you want to propose the love of your life. At this kind of romantic and memorable event, you better be well prepared by getting a unique box to put the rings in it. It is designed just like a short-cut log with the romantic line (I love you or will you marry me?). I promise your significant other will be the happiest.

  • Pastel leather box

If you like anything with soft colors that reflect your calm and collected personality, I’m sure you will go with the pastel-colored box made of leather. Its soothing color brings out the soft side of yourself. It is no way glamorous but it looks luxurious. The transparent glass which is used as on top of the box will let you see what is inside.

Doesn’t it suck when you want to use that specific thing but it is nowhere to be found? Let’s admit it that we all have been there. So, it’s better to take your time making a DIY jewelry box rather than facing a hard time looking for your favorite tiny piece.

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