A Quick Introduction To Carrageenan

If this is your first time to hear about carrageenan, you may not really understand what it is. Yeah, carrageenan is actually everywhere. It is only you that do not realize it. There are Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers that offer this for customers which mean that there are those who need this thing and this thing is actually familiar in this world.

What Is Carrageenan?

What is carrageenan? It can be what you are thinking about right now. For those who are working in industries, especially food industries may know what it is exactly. It is actually one of food ingredient which is made of red seaweeds or algae. It has been used widely since the 1930s. You can find it almost everywhere including in your coconut milk, yogurt, baby formula and more.

What Is The Function Of Carrageenan?

Then, what is actually this thing used for? When you search for Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers, you may also think about what it is for. Actually, there are two main functions to use this substance. Here are those two purposes are.

  • Food additive: it is used as binder, stabilizer or thickening agent in various healthcare as well as food products. It actually does not have any nutritional value for the food.
  • Conventional medicine: it is used to treat various health problems including a cough. It is because of its property that can reduce swelling and also a pain.

How Can We Find Carrageenan In The Marketplace?

Now, how can we find this product in the marketplace? In case you need to get this ingredient for your food product or something, it is possible to find a reliable manufacturer out there. For instance, you can search for Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers to get high-quality carrageenan. That’s all that we can discuss carrageenan.

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