Starting Vannamei Shrimp Business

Shrimp vannamei or commonly known as white shrimp is an animal that is categorized into a family of shrimp. This vannamei shrimp comes from an area that has a sub-tropical climate. The specific characteristic of this shrimp is, its size is smaller when compared with other shrimp, especially tiger shrimp. Many people cultivate this type of shrimp. In addition to many markets, this vannamei shrimp has a delicious flavor. Then, what are they prepared to cultivate this type of shrimp? If you are interested to cultivate this type of shrimp, you need to pay attention to the following things.

Vannamei Shrimp Farming Preparation

The main thing in the early step of vannamei shrimp cultivation is, prepare the cultivation well, be it in terms of the environment, and the seed of the animal. The first step, the pond must be drained first until the water in the white shrimp pond is completely dry. Then, allow the pond for a full week so that the seeds of disease, pathogens, and other harmful microorganisms are lost. Next, do the ground plowing on the pond. This plowing functions so that the microorganisms that are beneficial for the breeding can live first. For overly acidic soil PH, you can do lime to make it more ideal. Well, the ideal pH for the cultivation of vannamei shrimp is about 6 to 7.5.

For the selection of seeds, you can choose selectively, so that when the maintenance and development of shrimp will grow well and the size is similar. Superior seeds have different characteristics, i.e. have no injuries to the body, can swim against the current, have gills and intestines can be seen, and the shape and size are similar. Seeds with these criteria can be obtained from cultivators of vannamei shrimp seeds. Then, if you need further information about shrimp vannamei, from quality, transaction process, and so on, you can visit

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