Street Taco Recipe For Homemade Purpose

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street taco recipeWhen you ask about which Mexican food that has a very good taste, the answer for you might the mighty taco. Yes, the taco is one of the most known as the best Mexican food that you can find on the street and also a restaurant. The street taco recipe will help you to create and make your own taco at the house and of course, this could be really helpful for you in order to make this food in your own house. So, yeah if you are really like a taco and you want to eat that without going outside of the house, make it on your own will be the answer for you.

Street Taco Recipe With Steps And Easy Way

Let’s talk about the ingredients first before we talk about on how to make the taco itself. Well, you need chicken and you take only the breast part, you need the 4 cups of them. Also, the next that you need is the special sauce guacamole. 1 ½ guacamole. Then you need the corn tortillas eight pieces and with usual sizes. One cup of onion chopped and the last is the cilantro, you need to prepare this about four pieces. You can add more if you want to make it for more and big portion. Okay if you already have those, then you are ready for the street taco recipe and let’s go.

After you complete the ingredients, you need to know about how to make it. The first step is you need to heat the corn tortillas up in the microwave about three minutes. The next step after you are done waiting for three minutes, you need to take the corn tortillas out, and the put some chicken chunk, guacamole, onion chopped and the last of it is you need to add the cilantro. Well, voila your taco is ready to serve. That’s how you can make a taco with using a street taco recipe.

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