Take Prevention Before Dust Mites Bite

Dust mite bites are nuisance. There are some symptoms that might be appeared when dust mite bites on your skin. The symptoms are sneezing, itchy nose, eyes, or skin, cough, swollen, sinus pressure, scratchy throat, and even trouble sleeping. Moreover, people with asthma and allergic on dust mite will develop several symptoms like difficult to breathe or chest pain. Before that, you can get diagnose whether you are allergic or not on dust mite from an allergist. If you get worsen symptoms, so you have also called the doctor. Actually, there are some treatments that can be done. Most of them are using medications.

Dust Mites Bite Prevention

Before you get dust mite bites, you can take some preventions. For the first, you can use Permethrin 5% cream that must be applied to your skin at night. You can use it from neck to the bottom of soles. Then, leave it for eight to twelve hours while sleeping. Wash it off in the next morning. You have routinely applied this cream since it is not enough to kill the mites, but you need also to kill the eggs. You can do it for every 4 days once.

After that, you have also wash all your clothes and bed linen in 90 degree Celsius of water and 20 mule borax. On the other hand, you can seal all your items that only can be dry cleaned or cannot be washed in the bin bags. You can keep it for 2 weeks. Then, you can also put your leather gloves after using it into the freezer for one week. Next, don’t forget to vacuum all of your items in a house like hard floors, upholstery, and rugs every day. For the last, you can do treatment. You can also check on for any information about dust mite.

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