The Power Of Water

Never underestimate the power of water. Water is really essential in our life. Although the connection between drinking water and acne is often get ignored by many people, drinking water for acne can be effective. Now you can have cheap female skin treatment with water. You have to know that dehydration is one of the most dominant underlying conditions that can lead to acne. And what is the best cure for dehydration? Yes, water. Acne is the most annoying skin problem for everyone. And acne has become the most commonly treated skin problem according to American Academy of Dermatology.

Female Skin Treatment With Water

Does drinking water get rid of acne? How come water can cure acne? We will remind you again that our skin is the largest elimination organ in the body and 70% of our body is about water. So, if you ask if there is a connection between drinking water and cane? Yes, of course! When we suffering dehydration, it means that our skin is the first thing which is affected by dehydration. When we dehydrated, our skin will lose its moisture and there is less circulation in our skin so the essential nutrients get blocked. One of the skin’s important functions is to remove the toxins from our skin and metabolic waste in the skin through sweating. How to use water as female skin treatment?

To keep your skin fresh, healthy, and acne-free, you can use a DIY personal water spray. You can use this spray during the heat or whenever you are in outdoor activities. You can spray the water on your face and neck several times a day. How to make DIY personal water spray? Use an empty bottle spray, add water and mix it with thyme oil, lavender extract, or chamomile essence. Those three has anti-inflammatory properties. That’s how you use water as a female skin treatment.

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