Things You Should Know about Electric Car

admin   November 24, 2017   Comments Off on Things You Should Know about Electric Car

electric carWhile you are taking the new car, you need to ensure you have picked the best car as what you need in the best way. Well, if you want to buy the new car, it will be better if you take more considerations to the electric car. Why? It is because this kind of car will help you to reduce the gas emission to get better environment around you. If you are interested to buy this car, you can choose one of the three types. You can take the full electric, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid car one.

Hybrid Electric Car Type

If you don’t want to use the fully electric one, you can try to consider the hybrid electric vehicle or HEV as your main consideration. This type of electric car needs the petrol and electric energy as its energy source. However, even if this is categorizing as an electric vehicle, but you don’t have to recharge the car to the charging point because this car is not full electric or plug-in types. You still can get the electric source from the regenerative braking systems of this car. You can recharge the battery by regenerating braking systems to recharge it.

It is a process where the electric motor uses some petrol energy to convert the energy to heat by using the brakes system, so that is why it is called as regenerative braking. You also should not feel so dizzy in driving this car because you can control the two motors from the internal computer on its interior which can help you to get the best cost of driving this car. Well, this type of electric car is still producing the gas emission but in a lesser amount than the ordinary car one. It can cut the gas emission from 30 up to 50%.

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