Tips To Use Chromecast Extension

admin   November 3, 2017   Comments Off on Tips To Use Chromecast Extension

chromecast extensionHave you known about Chromecast extension? For those who haven’t known it before, just for your information, it is actually one of the greatest innovations which people have created in order to ease certain activities like watching TV, streaming videos and so on. Indeed, this matter will be so great especially for those who are the maniac of watching various videos using their gadget. However, in using the extension itself, you need to know some tips too in order to get the best experience when you use it. Just check the information out about it as follow.

Some Tips In Using Chromecast Extension

To begin with, one of the tips you should do in using Chromecast extension is you don’t use remote in turning on your TV and Chromecast. By the use of HDMI-CEC feature now you can find the easiness of turning on TV and Chromecast automatically by hitting the cast button. If you like to stream videos on YouTube or another website, one thing you need to know if you can watch various local videos just with the keyboard shortcut that is control+O. Now streaming can be so easy and enjoyable to be done actually.

How about another tip that many people can do? In this case, the next important thing that people can get is watching it in full screen. How to get this one? It is so easy since what you need to do is just press Alt+Tab only. Of course, by doing all the tips having been mentioned before, your activities in watching videos can be more enjoyable, right? That is why now there is no reason for you not to use Chromecast extension because there will be a great thing you can find by using it. So, what are you waiting for? Just using it now!

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