Unique And Stylish Cars To Be Produced In 2019

Honda introduced the car with a unique and stylish design named Concept EV Urban in the event the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. At that time, Honda said that the car is only in the form of a concept. But this time, the Japanese manufacturer confirmed that Urban EV will be mass produced. At least, in the quickest way, in 2019 cars will have been already manufactured by Honda. For the first step in the marketing program, Europe became the first target, and it will be followed by Japan in 2020, then other countries included Indonesia.

What Is Urban EV Concept Car?

The Urban EV Concept is an electric vehicle designed for the future. This car has a retro look because the look of this car is similar to the design of the first-generation Civic hatchback launched by the 1980s. In the concept version, the steering section is made a square, complete with a large screen as an infotainment center. The screen in the middle can also provide some information to the user. Information provided ranging from battery power info, rear camera connection and more. Underneath the screen, there is a wooden accent and the roof is made of the glass material to give the impression of roomy.

There is no further information, whether the production version of this car using an interior design like the concept. Parts of the engine, Honda does not include detailed technical data. According to them, this car has a Power Manager Concept system. By using this system, Honda claims to be able to make the Urban EV Concept more efficient, powerful and more environmentally friendly. It will be a great choice for your future car, but you need to be patient to know about these car release date because Honda has not announced the release date for the car yet. You can check more information about the car by visiting

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