Waisai, Waigeo Island; Great Natural Destination

You might ever hear the name of Manokwari, Sorong, or the other regions of Papua. However, do you know about Waisai of Waigeo Island from West Papua province? This region is also as beautiful as the other regions in Papua. Even though Waisai is only a small city, you will still get many interesting things from this city. Of course, it has relation to the tourism there and also the interesting nature sceneries that will make you realize that Papua is a very beautiful place to visit. For more information about Waisai of Waigeo Island, the following paragraphs will give you more information about it.

West Papua; Visit Waisai Of Raja Ampat

This small town is located in Waigeo Island that becomes the part of Raja Ampat archipelago. If you ask about the capital of Raja Ampat, this city becomes the capital of the Regency. As the center of the Regency, this town becomes more crowded than the other part of Raja Ampat but still offer you a peaceful town. When you come to this place, you will realize that the inhabitants there still use the traditional language that is called as Maya language. It becomes the other interesting points of this place, as you also can learn the traditional points of West Papua.

As this town is the capital city of Raja Ampat, many people who come to explore Raja Ampat will have their transit in this town. Then, for the transport, you do not need to worry about it, since it has the airport that can be reached from Sorong and Manado. There is also ferry transportation that will help the visitors to reach the other places from Waisai. As the transition for the visitors that come to Raja Ampat, this town also has the tourism site. It has two beaches and the dive resort. The information about Waisai can be reached more from as well as the other places of this province.

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