Want To Edit The Photo In Different Way?

While you want to choose the new Android photo app, what kind of things you want to get from it? As we know, there are many photo apps which you can use one or more to make you can get the best way to get more photos on your mobile device. In this case, if you want to have something different to edit your photo, you can try to use the ZombieBooth 2. Well, its name is so scary, is not it?

Download The Zombiebooth 2

Actually, this android photo app is like its name the zombie. You may imagine that you can edit your photo to get the zombie look. That is right. With this photo app, you are able to change your beautiful photo to the zombie one. This app is inspired by the film of The Walking Dead you may know. If you would like to have the zombie version of your face, you just have to use this photo app for you.

Unlike the other photo apps, you will not beautify your photo because the zombie is not beautiful at all. It will be your best options if you want to have the collection of zombie you just have to download it on your mobile phone.

You also should know that you are able to get many options for the zombie effects like the eye, mouth, accessories, background, and much more. You also can get this app in a free one and if you want to upgrade it to get more options to edit your photo, you can take the paid one for it. It is good options to get different options to edit your photo as well. Thus, if you want to download this app, you can download it from our website on Androidadb as well.

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